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It's summertime and the stitchin' is easy. Take a moment to relax lakeside and enjoy the scenery with a beautiful, brand new issue of BLOCK Magazine to peruse. It's overflowing with beautiful, bright colors, lovely quilt designs, and renewed creativity. We can't wait to dive into this new issue with you! Inside you'll find 10 inspiring quilting and sewing projects plus exciting bonus projects, the Talavera Tile sew-along, another thrilling chapter of the Quilt Town, USA, mystery story, and heartfelt stories from our readers, without one single ad to clutter up the view. Go ahead, dip your toes in, the water's fine! As we begin, find yourself transported to the awe-inspiring landscape of the Southwest. Learn all about the Navajo Quilt Project that was created to assist Native quilters. Then, meet Susan Hudson, a quilter and activist who celebrates her ancestry with quilts designed from dreams. This issue has a special emphasis on Native American quilts and textiles and you'll find even more noteworthy designs and stories throughout. Next up, the Triple Play quilts in this issue are simply spool-worthy! You'll adore each of these three cute spool designs in a spectrum of colors. Finally, hone your quilting skills with an in-depth look at Lone Star quilts. This classic star quilt design has a deep history that's beloved to many. Before we go, we just want to tell you how awesome you are. Did you get that? Yeah you! Thank you for creating beautiful quilts that bring joy and comfort to so many. You make the world a more beautiful place each and every day just by being who you are. Keep doing what you do and we'll keep bringing you the inspiration in each issue of BLOCK Magazine.