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The Q-Zone Hoop-Frame is a whole new type of machine-quilting frame that easily manages fabric like a quilting hoop. With its small space-saving form factor you can set it up in any room and still quilt even the largest projects!

  • It removes your need to push quilts around on a table, and gives your needle the freedom of gliding over fabric with the precision of an artist.
  • Complete any size quilt on this frame, from crib, queen, king and larger.
  • Finish more quilts faster than ever before.
  • Use your own domestic machine or our Eclipse 18" Machine if you want a stitch regulator
  • Height adjustable for standing or sitting
Make it a full domestic quilting system with a FREE Luminess Light Station

The Luminess is the perfect lighting solution for any quilting frame, sewing table, or work area! The TRUE-COLOR light-balanced bulbs enhance the details of your projects. The overall height of the Luminess can be adjusted, to fit most a the quilting frame, cutting table, or work area. The wheels make it easy to move it to where you are working. The low-wattage bulbs also produce more light while consuming less power, and putting off less heat than standard lighting systems.

PreAssembled!  Floor model Special Pricing! Limited quantity!

*Machine Not Included*

Shipping not available, Pick up only.